What is TIFMO?

This journey started back in 2019 with two roommates in Lums. As day-to-day life went on, we came across some great, and some not-so-great, products in personal grooming. But one thing remained constant, every good product that we stumbled upon was international. We decided to reverse the cycle.
This initiative was born purely out of passion and with the belief that every individual deserves some class and elegance in their everyday life. So, we embarked on this journey with the promise to ourselves that we will express ourselves by creating products that will enhance daily lifestyle experiences, and set the benchmark for quality and performance.
Everything we do or will do is an art born out of passion and love. With this vision, we want to create a community that resonates with us, and that community will always remain our top priority. Some might call us crazies on this one, but this community will exist across borders one day.

Our Values

• Authenticity with the products and consumers.

• Environmental friendliness.

• Performance through quality.