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Yes, these products are naturally driven, ethically sourced, sulphate and paraben free. Apart from preservatives, which are synthetic in natural, and constitute no more than 1% of the product. We do this in order to keep the product in its true form and for your additional protection against contamination - which includes but is not limited to bacteria, fungus, mould etc.

As often as you need. We have formulated the products in a way that it will never damage your hair. On the contrary, they will provide your hair with nourishment and will promote healthy hair.

Well, it depends on person to person and their preferences. Some people like the 1st day crisp styling. Some people prefer the 2nd day laid back and more of a natural texture. So, just experiment and find your look - without having to worry about the products damaging your hair. (but our recommendation - wash your hair at max on 3rd day)

We have given a detailed account in our 'Refund Policy' section. Please refer to bottom of the page and click on 'Refund Policy.'

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