Styling Pack
Styling Pack
Styling Pack
Styling Pack
Styling Pack
Styling Pack
Styling Pack
Styling Pack

Styling Pack

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• 30G Rager

• 30G Dawn

• 30G Pomade

• One for every Occasion Styling Pack

• Variety of Products - every type of hold and shine

• Suitable for every hair type

Compact and Handy Packaging

• Style Anytime, Anywhere

• Experiment and find out which one works for you

Natural Ingredients 

• Sulphate and Paraben Free

• Free Shipment

Now you get the freedom to choose the right hairstyle for an occasion with 3 products in a compact packaging.

With every product curated to a specific occassion, this pack covers everything from the most formal of the events to casual hangouts

For Casual days - go with Dawn

For Formal events - Pomade won't disappoint you

Your Everyday Companion - Rager

Depending on the style that you are going for, and product you are using. You can just pop it in your pocket.

Compact and handy, you will never notice its there i.e., until you need it.

You can style your hair through out the day.

Whenever you feel like your hair needs a little redo, use the appropriate amount and voila! you are back in the game!

This pack right here is what some might call a Dream Kit of every guy! 

So, whomever you gift it to, you can pretty much expect they will never be more flawless!

All of these products are made from premium quality natural ingredients. You can checkout the individual product pages to learn more

• All order above Rs. 2500 are given free shipment.

• After receiving your order we intend to deliver it to your door step as soon as possible. Do allow us a time of 3-4 working days before worrying about your order.

• Please provide a functional contact number to avoid any inconvenience.